Pop culture star Kim Kardashian paid $500,000 for single Instagram post


She makes millions promoting products to her millions of  fans on social media!

Kim Kardashian West was paid $500,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post, according to a contract obtained by medical journalism website Stat News.

It is now known that in 2015, Kim was paid this significant amount of money for posting a photo promoting a morning sickness pill, according to the contract between her company, Kimsaprincess Inc, and a medical company called Duchesnay USA.

According to Forbes, Kim's net worth is over $350 million.

She partners with brands that include Calvin Klein, SugarBearHair vitamins, Olay; and is often promoting their products on social media.

If advertisers pay her this much to endorse their products, a good chunk of her income comes from Instagram. Kim has more than 114 million followers on the popular social media site.