How to make extra income with Uber

How to make extra income with Uber: 

Really depends on exactly at what level of lateral thinking you're prepared to employ. 

Sure, you can earn whatever, a number of hundred dollars a week driving folks from a to b and maybe that's enough for you, maybe that'll do!

If so, don't read on, forget any juicy tidbits you'll read later.

Just imagine this, Uber pays you indirectly to find leads for any other business you may be running.

Uber pays me?

Yep, in reality, yep!

You're a driver, most of your passengers chat with you and want to know about you, your life, your business. You have a captive audience of potential leads for your biz.

So picture this, I'm in your beautiful well-manicured car, going into town with you. I' want to make some extra cash and you're telling me that not only can I make money by driving other people around, earning tips etc. I can also use it to promote my own business because I have a captive interested audience.


We chat more and I ask you how could I become an Uber driver. 

You smile and give me your referral code and Uber pays you for the referral. 

Uber Business Driver Make Even More Extra Income

Is that it?

No, you're smart, aren't you?

 You've set up your own website talking about what you do, you've written blogs and made videos and podcasts about how you're making significant money from your own Uber business

I check out your profile on the Uber site and see you've amassed numerous top-notch reviews. Not only would I like to make money this way, I'd like to understand how you do so well, I go back to your website and see you offer coaching sessions, either one to one with you, or I can buy the Uber driver business course you've made on Udemy.

I notice you've written blogs on how to keep your car in tiptop condition for your passengers and that you use a number of products to improve the passenger experience.

And oh look, I can buy those products, you're an Amazon Affiliate.

I like everything you've told me and everything else you do. I decide to become an Uber driver and I share my decision with my friends, 1500 of them on Facebook, 35,000 on Twitter and don't even get me started on Instagram.

And just before I get out of your car I ask: 

'Was your last passenger interested in becoming an Uber driver?'

'No' you reply, 'but he was fascinated by my freelance writing business, he threw a ton of work my way.'

How to make extra income with Uber