How To Start A Business With Very Little Money

How to start a business with very little money is still a question you'll find many people asking online, on question and answer websites like Quora, answered ad nausea on YouTube, not to mention the plethora of articles you'll find on LinkedIn,.

The truth is, today it's hardly necessary to invest money initially, there's so much opportunity, what's really necessary is a focused mindset and a little bit of hard grind. 

Business with very little money

If you don't mind working hard and you're prepared to network, become a seller on at a basic level, design seven gigs, things you can do for others at a reasonable price, and start networking. When I say networking I mean joining freelancer or Fiverr facebook groups, answering questions about Fiverr on Quora and/or make videos on your smartphone about your work and upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. 

If you enjoy making videos, why not seriously consider building a power channel on YouTube, research how to make viral videos and how to create a huge following, work within those ideas but add a twist to make it unique. Literally, plan your videos frame by frame, what is the audience you're aiming for, what do other successful video creators do in their videos, study every aspect then add a new angle to your videos to make them unique and build a 'kick-ass' channel. When you have a good following consider opening a Patreon account and ask your followers to sponsor you on Patreon...a whole business is born!

These are just two virtually free to start business ideas out of an almost inexhaustible pool available to you with just a little research.

What are you waiting for?

Start Your Own Business With Very Little Money!