Real Estate Guide

property owner the landlord and the property user the renter or buyer

Real estate is straight-forward and involves a fair exchange between a property owner (the landlord) and the property user (the renter) or buyer. There are several different types of real estate which include residential, commercial, and industrial. There is also real estate that trades on stock exchanges, which are called REITs. 

Over the past century, historical housing price data show that the price of real estate have been endlessly rising all over the world. With the size of homes getting bigger and inflation adding to the cost of building materials, it is only logical that home prices would rise.

Before purchasing a home, consider the reason you're a buying a home. If the answer is "to live in it" then you should stop thinking about profits and losses. If you want "to make money" then you need to enter the transaction with an exit strategy. Keeping in mind the purchase and sell price of the property.