The World of Business

There is a spiritual aspect to business just as there is to the lives of individuals. As you give you receive, as you help others you are helped in return, as your business supports the community, the community supports your business. There is satisfaction in building a successful business on these core principles.

A big problem with money is that it can be a dividing force.
There are thousands of big corporations, social enterprises, co-ops and mutuals based on the principles of social and ecological responsibility. But these companies are still swamped by the numbers and are still hooked on a system that puts profits above all else. It's not so surprising that groups of testosterone-charged men locked together in dealing rooms, feeling the power of the world at their fingertips, would forget about their responsibilities to the working class and the poor.

Business profit is good, but it is what we do with the profit that makes a difference.
Many of us would be a lot more content, if we were able to express our values in the workplace but a culture that remains focused on profit and wealth can make that very difficult. However, we're the ones that feed the corporations that feed the government. So we're the ones that can make big changes happen.